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A custom tailored treatment designed just for you.


Ageing, as well as lifestyle, makes the skin loose it’s elasticity and suppleness, and affect the natural symmetry and balance of the face. Little do we know that the simple actions in life such as talking, laughing and frowning require repeated muscle movements that with time contribute to the appearance of wrinkles. We feel that our appearances no longer reflect our true selves.


That is why the Harmony Aesthetic Consultation is structured to recreate the balance between your facial features and to make your outside reflect how you feel on the inside. It is a personalised treatment plan that uses the latest techniques and scientifically proven products to allow you to look the way you feel.


Your specialist will carry out a thorough analysis to find the optimal treatment just for you. They will assess your unique skin condition and facial features, as well as your motives and aspirations. This will then result in a more youthful and natural appearance.


How the Harmony Aesthetic Consultation works


1. Questionnaire

In the comfort of the waiting room or your own home, you will fill out an easy survey with questions concerning your needs and aspirations regarding the procedure.


2. Consultation

Together with your practitioner you will go through the questionnaire. After examination of your facial features and skin condition, you will discuss and agree on the best treatment options for you.


3. Treatment

The practitioner will combine different products to optimise the treatment for you within your budget.


4. Follow up and plan

After your treatment you come back to the clinic for examination of the results and together with your practitioner set a plan for further follow-up visits and possible additional treatments.