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Orthodontics is an effective long term solution to straighten and fix your teeth. Correcting your bite focusing on aligning and straightening teeth using wires and brackets, which apply delicate weight to the teeth to move them into a perfect position for you.

Patients who have issues with their bite and the way their top and bottom teeth line up against each other are considered candidates for orthodontic treatment.


What is a brace?

A brace is a mechanical device or appliance which is either fixed to your teeth or removable. The brace is used to move your teeth to create straighter teeth and a perfect smile.


How long will my treatment take?

This picture highlights the difference between clear and normal braces.

Orthodontist Treatment usually takes between 12 to 24 months, but this can vary depending on your situation. Once the brace has been removed, retainers will have to be worn to ensure your teeth stay in the same alignment and do not move.


What are the benefits of having a brace fitted?

  • To improve the appearance of your teeth, smile and face

  • To improve the health of the teeth and gums

  • To improve function (making it easier to eat or chew)